A day in Landshut

by Anni & Wladi

Landshut is located in Bavaria and on the Isar. Two features that would justify a visit. But a “stroke of fate” in the family brought us to this business metropolis, known for its well-preserved old town, within a few weeks. Happy Birthday. One of the most outstanding events in Landshut is the Landshut Wedding Festival, a historical festival that takes place every four years and recreates the life and customs of the late Middle Ages. We missed it this year. However, the next date has been set for 2027, and as always, you can read all about what you can experience in Landshut in one weekend or one day here.

We were greeted with outstanding weather. A walk along the Isar took us to the entrance of the old town through the Ländtor (country gate). Before that, we crossed the Mühlensteg with a beautiful view of the promenade and the sun worshippers in their seats. We had thus arrived in the beautiful and spruced-up old town of Landshut. The town residence (Stadtresidenz) and the town hall (Rathaus) are worth a visit. One is over 500 years old and has served as the home for many noblemen. The other is the town’s landmark due to its architecture and is an essential part of the Landshut Wedding Game.

Hat and protection of the land – Landshut

We continued our walk along the cobbled path. The parish of St. Martin rises up to our left and so we went inside. At over 130 m, its brick tower is the tallest of its kind in the world and even the tallest church tower in Bavaria. The imposing interior also offers one or two little surprises. If you like, you can look for the effigies of Hitler, Göring and Goebbels. Depicted as torturers, they are a reminder of history.

Unfortunately, the tower cannot be climbed, so we continued on to Trausnitz Castle. Trausnitz Castle towers above the city and offers a great view over the rooftops of Landshut. The inner courtyard is particularly picturesque and the beer garden outside invites you to take a break. The castle itself dates back to the 12th century and was the filming location for Til Schweiger’s 1 ½ Knights from 2008.

Year in year out

Whoever says “old town” must also say “new town” and so we wandered along the 400-meter-long street that serves as a street market. There are also some great buildings here, completing the positive image of the entire old town. A recommended photo spot can be found in the Kirchgasse towards St. Martin’s Church. The Galata Tower in Istanbul can just about keep up with it. We ended the day at the rustic Augustiner restaurant next to St. Martin’s Church (Augustiner an der St. Martinskirche). We celebrated ourselves and, of course, the little pearl by the Isar – Landshut – with a pork knuckle (half a knuckle) and lots of beer.

You can find more impressive places in Germany here. More information about Landshut can be found here. You can find accommodation in the city here*.

What is Landshut known for?

Landshut is known for its economic importance (BMW, Schott, EBM-papst and also ASIS, BMI and Endor). Landshut is also known for its Landshut Wedding (historical festival), which takes place every four years.

On which river is Landshut located?

The city lies on the Isar.

Is Landshut a beautiful city?

The City is located in Bavaria and on the Isar. Two features that would justify a visit. Furthermore, the beautiful old town and the history offer many sights that justify a visit to Lower Bavaria.

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