A day at the Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen

by Anni & Wladi

Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen. A ray of sunshine sparklingly reflected off the surface of the water, the happy laughter of children in the background and the scent of sunscreen in the air – a visit to the outdoor pool is like a little escape from everyday life. As avid travelers, we are often drawn to faraway places, but sometimes there’s nothing better than relaxing in an outdoor pool and reliving the carefree days of childhood. So let’s dive together into the world of outdoor pools and capture the magic they spread even on an ordinary summer day.

Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen - Pool view
Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen – Pool view

In the middle of the Rhine-Main area, not far from the state capital Wiesbaden, there is a very special outdoor pool that we love to visit again and again – the Waldschwimmbad in Niedernhausen. It’s a place where we can find peace and relaxation without spending hours on a plane or making elaborate travel arrangements. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through our favorite outdoor pool and show you why it’s worth discovering local treasures, too.

Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen: Pure relaxation

The Waldschwimmbad in Niedernhausen is a true gem and feels like it is located in the middle of nature. Three swimming pools can be found on the huge, hillside site. A fun-and-games pool with a slide, a 50-meter pool with lanes where those who actually came to swim can swim their laps, and a little off these two pools, an area for parents with toddlers. Further up the slope, in addition to a kiosk with cool drinks, ice cream and probably the tastiest fries of the summer, there is a beach volleyball court and a large sunbathing lawn, with large, shady trees, which ultimately connects all three pools, or areas.

Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen - 50 m pool
Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen – 50 m pool

The Waldschwimmbad is more than just a place to swim. It is a meeting place for families, friends and neighbors. A place to meet without having made an arrangement. A place to swap stories while cooling off in the water or simply relaxing in the sun. Stone terraces are located at the large 50m pool and at the play-and-fun pool. Here you won’t find any shade, but the sometimes necessary portion of full sun. And also the sometimes so necessary rest from everyday life in the city.

Summer, sun, sunshine

Shortly before the start of the outdoor pool season, there is usually the opportunity to purchase season or 10-entry tickets. With these digitally available tickets, which conveniently have to be saved as a QR code on your cell phone, you simply let yourself through the turnstile.Eeven on more crowded days.

And after you’ve recharged your batteries in the Waldschwimmbad, there’s still plenty to discover in the Rhine-Main region. How about a trip to the Rheingau, or a culinary finish in nearby Frankfurt. Get more inspiration here.

What are the prices for the Waldschimmbad Niedernhausen?

One-way tickets:
– Adults: 5,- €
– Children and teenagers up to 18 years: 2,- €
– Pupils and students: 2,50 €

What are the opening hours at the Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen?

The outdoor swimming pool is open during the swimming season (May to September) from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm.

What is the address for the Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen?

Waldschwimmbad Niedernhausen, Quellenweg 11, 65527 Niedernhausen

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