The top 10 sights in Colmar

by Anni & Wladi

Colmar, the charming town in Alsace, enchants visitors with its picturesque half-timbered houses, winding alleyways and romantic canals. The rich history and culture of the region is reflected in the historic buildings and museums. From the colorful flower windows to the cozy street cafés, Colmar exudes a unique charm that attracts visitors from all over the world and leaves them with unforgettable memories.

So we took advantage of a Sunday to visit this beautiful little town and visited the top 10 sights of Colmar. Colmar is easy to reach by car and offers plenty of parking in the city center. However, you will need to be a little patient and use alternative parking spaces if necessary. Like us, because there was something like a funfair going on in the city and the Scheurer Kestner parking lot was full. Alternative options include Place Haslinger or Rue Rapp as well as parking garages and lots around the Parc du Champ-de-Mars. And then you can start your tour of Colmar from north to south.

1. Statue of Liberty in Colmar

The Statue of Liberty in Colmar, which we visited on the way into Colmar, is an impressive replica of the famous symbol in New York City. This statue was created by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a native of Colmar and creator of the original statue. The replica in Colmar stands as a tribute to Bartholdi’s work and is a major landmark in the city. The statue rises majestically above the district and reminds visitors of the universal importance of freedom and democracy.

Statue of Liberty

2. Unterlinden Museum

The Unterlinden Museum is a well-known art museum famous for its diverse collection. Located in a former Dominican monastery, it houses an impressive selection of works of art, including paintings, sculptures and handicrafts from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. One of the highlights is the famous Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald. The museum offers visitors the opportunity to discover the rich art history of the region and gain fascinating insights into the artistic development of Europe.

Unterlinden Museum

3. St. Martin’s Minster

St. Martin’s Minster is an imposing Gothic church that was first built in the 13th century and completed in the 16th century. With its striking spire and ornate decorations inside, it is an important architectural landmark of the city. Visitors can admire the impressive organ and explore the history of the church and its cultural significance for the region. St. Martin’s Minster is a place of contemplation and an impressive testimony to medieval architecture in Colmar.

St. Martin’s Minster

4. Maison natale d’Auguste Bartholdi

The Maison natale d’Auguste Bartholdi is the birthplace of the renowned French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who designed the famous Statue of Liberty in New York, among other things. The building is a charming half-timbered house in the heart of Colmar and has been converted into a museum dedicated to Bartholdi’s life and work. Visitors can gain an insight into his artistic development, his inspirations and his contribution to art history. The museum is a tribute to one of the most important artists of the 19th century and a fascinating destination for art lovers and history buffs.

Maison natale d’Auguste Bartholdi

5. La Maison des Têtes

La Maison des Têtes in Colmar is an architectural gem, known for its impressive façade, which is decorated with over 100 carved heads. The building dates back to the 17th century and combines Renaissance and Baroque elements. Today it houses an elegant hotel and a restaurant that enchants visitors with its historic atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. La Maison des Têtes is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a symbol of the wealth of history and culture that Colmar has to offer.

La Maison des Têtes

6. Zum Kragen

The historic building “Zum Kragen” is a striking example of the traditional half-timbered architecture of Alsace. The building dates back to the 16th century and is known for its characteristic façade with carved wooden beams. It once served as a residence and trading center and reflects the rich history and heritage of the region. Today, the building stands as an architectural gem and testimony to times gone by and is a fascinating destination for history buffs and architecture lovers.

Zum Kragen

7. Maison Pfister

The Maison Pfister is a magnificent half-timbered house from the 16th century. Known for its impressive façade and striking bay window. With ornate carvings and richly decorated wooden beams, it is an outstanding example of traditional Alsatian architecture. The building attracts visitors from all over the world and is an important cultural heritage that embodies the rich history and craftsmanship of the region.

Maison Pfister

8. Koïfhus of Colmar

The Koïfhus, also known as the Old Customs House, is an impressive historic building that was built in the 15th century. Making it the oldest public building in the city. It once served as a trading post and customs house for the trade in wine and spices. The building impresses with its imposing architecture with Gothic elements and a striking tower. Today, the Koïfhus hosts various cultural events and exhibitions and is a fascinating testimony to the history and trade of Colmar.

Koïfhus of Colmar

9. Marché Couvert

The Marché Couvert is a charming market hall located in the heart of the old town. With its traditional architecture and cozy atmosphere. It offers a variety of fresh, local products such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat and fish. Visitors can discover the diversity of Alsatian cuisine and taste regional specialties. The market is a lively meeting place for locals and tourists who want to experience the culinary treasures of Alsace.

Marché Couvert

10. La Petite Venise of Colmar

La Petite Venise is a picturesque district known for its charming canals and half-timbered houses. It is reminiscent of the romantic waterways of Venice and offers a picturesque view along the waterfront. The colorful houses are reflected in the water and create an idyllic atmosphere that invites visitors to linger. La Petite Venise is a popular destination for walks and boat trips and embodies the unique charm and beauty of Colmar.

La Petite Venise of Colmar

A visit to Colmar is like a journey into a picturesque fairytale world of Alsace. The town enchants with its charming half-timbered houses, romantic canals and historic sights. From the winding alleyways of the old town to the idyllic atmosphere of La Petite Venise. Colmar offers an unforgettable experience for every visitor. The rich history, excellent cuisine and warm hospitality of the locals make Colmar a unique destination that you will want to discover again and again.

What is special about Colmar?

Colmar is special because of its charming old town and the many half-timbered houses. Colmar is also famous for Little Venice. A picturesque waterfront neighborhood.

How much time does it take to get to Colmar?

More is always possible, but in principle Colmar can be explored in a full day.

Where is the most beautiful place in Colmar?

The most beautiful places in Colmar are in Little Venice (La Petite Venise), in the old town along Rue Des Tanneurs and in the Unterlinden Museum.

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