Bachelor Party in Wiesbaden – Is it worth it?

by Anni & Wladi

You do not always have to travel very far to have a good time. Sometimes you will find the really special things to do close to your home. So we did for a bachelor party. The Rhein-Main Area offers numerous possibilities and especially Wiesbaden, that we wrote about before, has multiple options for this special day for the men, that will be presented in the following article. How to terminate and plan the individual activities is up to you. We skipped the hawker’s tray thing, the embarrassing costumes as well as the silly games and decided to be focused on class and taste – at least until the alcohol kicked in. Mutual hobbies, interests and joint experiences of the broom-to-be and his crew were the basis of this day. An unforgettable day came about – in Wiesbaden.

Checker Taxi New York - Hollywood Cars

Checker Taxi New York – Hollywood Cars

“To Wiesbaden, please”

After we all gathered and really surprised the future-broom we kick-started the day. The day started out successfully and in the late afternoon our taxicab was awaiting us to take the whole crew to Wiesbaden. Our man-of-the-day is a car enthusiast so we ordered a true to the original style Checker Cab through Hollywood Cars. This great ride offers enough space for 6 people, maybe even 8. The drive over the highway was very smooth and the prying eyes of the other drivers obvious. Once we arrived in Wiesbaden we chose the Kurhaus and the surrounding area for some pictures before the driver dropped us off at our next stop.

Harry's American Steakhouse Wiesbaden

Harry’s American Steakhouse Wiesbaden

“Well-done, please!”

To make sure we had a solid base for the night we ate at Harry’s American Steakhouse. The meat-lovers menu did not leave anything to be desired for. Rib-Eye steak, Rumpsteak, Filet Mignon, Kobe Point steak or T-bone steak – as a group we could basically put together a whole cow. We clinked glasses and devoured our tasty dishes. In order to avoid the food-anesthesia we moved on. In fact, we just went four houses down the street.

Bar Manoamano Wiesbaden

Bar Manoamano Wiesbaden

“Five Cuba Libre, please!”

We had a few drinks at the bar Manoamano. The bar was well frequented. No wonder looking at the stylish interior and tasting the amazing cocktails. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere while enjoying our drinks. The drink menu is succinct but the staff can recommend other drinks that are not on the menu, if you ask them. It can be classic cocktails or something fancy and unusual. It is up to you. Afterwards we went to our next destination that should be the highlight of the evening.

Spielbank Wiesbaden

Spielbank Wiesbaden

“All on Red, please!”

Who would have thought – our next stop was the Casino in Wiesbaden (Spielbank Wiesbaden). It is one of the most famous and most traditional Casions in Germany. Already the entrance to the Kurhaus, where the “Große Spiel” (“Big Game” – the main casino) with Roulette, Black Jack and Poker is located, is imposing and very impressing. The “little Game” (“Kleines Spiel”) is in the building next door. There you will find the slot machines to get rid of some money. Upon the entrance they check your ID and take a picture of you before you can enter. When stepping in it feels like you are entering an unreal world. All kinds of different people bustle about the tables. Sadly, not everyone respected the dress code. The electrifying atmosphere makes adrenaline rush through your veins when you are about to make your first stake. The visit in the casino is wearing you out. You feel exhausted but somehow happy, even though all the money is gone.

Park Cafe Wiesbaden

Park Cafe Wiesbaden

“Party, please!”

For an appropriate end we celebrated the day, as well as the night, at Park Cafe Wiesbaden. This night club offered the perfect location and appreciating end to all our stations in and around Wiesbaden. It is conveniently located in the heart of Wiesbaden and we were able to walk there from the casino. We celebrated all night until the next morning and concluded that we did everything right concerning our choices for this felicitous bachelor party. Read here how girls do a Bachelorette Party.

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