Old Frankfurt Airfield

Old Frankfurt Airport

Everyone knows Terminal 1 as well as Terminal 2 (and very soon Terminal 3 as well) in Frankfurt. But only the very few people know the Old Airfield Frankfurt in the north of the city. More precisely in Frankfurt Bonames and exactly on Frankfurt’s green belt. A ring around the city center with a lot of nature and many excursion destinations.

Alter Flugplatz Frankfurt
Alter Flugplatz Frankfurt

We used a sleepy afternoon in February for a little trip to the old airfield Frankfurt. Between our trip to South America and Thailand it was good to breathe in the cool winter air at home. This afternoon was not very busy so we enjoyed the tranquility and atmosphere of the site as we strolled along the former airstrip.

Nature and recreation area

Until 1992, the Americans still used the airfield as their military airfield. In the meantime the area is used as a nature and leisure facility. Especially nature is given free rein here. Between the dog meadow and the stork meadow, people are also granted a lawn for sunbathing. The Nidda flows within reach and the Tower Café invites you for a hot or cold drink. The old hangar building is available for events and the remaining operational buildings serve as a destination for school classes to explore and learn in the so-called green classroom.

Alter Flugplatz Frankfurt
Alter Flugplatz Frankfurt

If you want to teach your children to ride a bike or something similar, the former runway is a great place to practice (or have them practice). If it rains, the fire department museum is a good place to pass the time. Another area offers accommodation to refugees. That too is possible here. The area is not really big. However, it makes it possible to quickly switch off from the noise of the big city in a very short time. For a short moment, we forgot all the terminals of this city (and everything connected with it).

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